MoneyHack, Optimize Your Spending.

Managing money and optimizing your budget has never been easier.

MoneyHack is a new money management and budget optimization application. Getting out on your own after high school can be tough, and keeping track of your money and spending can be a tedious, time consuming task. MoneyHack was designed with college students and young adults in mind. Allowing users to access their money and optimize their spending on one cohesive, expertly designed application was our main focus. Scroll below to see what all MoneyHack can do for you or your college student.


One Platform

Link all of your bank accounts and credit cards on one platform. All your statements and transactions are conveniently accesible for each account. Any transaction you make gets updated in real-time.

Optimize your budget

Set up your budget for the month and organize it in any way you'd like. App constantly updates your status on your budget and alerts if you go over. The budget links with your bank accounts so it's also able to give you advice of where you can optimize your spending because it knows exactly where your money is going.

Calendar and Reminders

The calendar feature lets you set up reminders, make schedules or set alerts for bills. Each reminder you add will automatically repeat each month unless the user specifies otherwise in the settings.


Download Now

Get MoneyHack from the app store now. You'll be able to take advantage of some tantalizing launch promotions and deals.


Designed with college students and young adults in mind, the MoneyHack app boasts a simple, user friendly interface with calming and inviting colors, MoneyHack functions like a dream. Simplicity and ease of use were high on our priority list. Using, we have demonstrated the app's functionality and showcased its abilities.

Home Page

Overview page where you can see an overview of your current financial state in every aspect. You can select either Accounts, Budget, Reminders, Credit Score, Cash Flow or Advice

Accounts Page

The account page gives an overview of every one of your linked accounts. It will show you the total money you have available as well as details of your statements for each account.

Cash Flow

The cash flow page gives you a simple overall view of how much money you currently have going in and out of your account. It categorizes each deposit or “cash in” by your bank account.

Budget Page

Budget sections lets you set up your budget per month. There’s a graph bar next to each section to give you a visual representation of where your spending is at in the month.


Calendar section shows an overview of all your bill reminders/alerts and then has a plus sign button in the top right corner to add a new reminder. You can turn notifications on or off.

Credit Page

We partnered with CreditKarma to give you direct access to your free credit score. You can see detailed information about it and suggested ways to boost your score.


Here are a few options as to how we would market MoneyHack. Through promo codes for app download, social media ads, and flyers distributed throughout different college campuses, MoneyHack will be on its way to becoming a staple application across all smartphones.

Promo Code

Refer a friend and get a FREE download with your given code after signing up!

Social Media Campaign

Post on all platforms of social media, sponser ads and hire promotion team to promote ads on social media.


Post flyers throughout various college campuses and at local businesses.


Post testimonials on official site to see feedback from professionals and other users.

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